Monday, 16 December 2013


A police motorcycle is motorcycle used by police force. It is easy to apporch in streets and crowded area as compare to larger vehicles.Police motorcycle is more power full then ordinary motorcycle.For example in south Asian and African countries mostly 70cc,100cc,125cc,and 150cc motorcycle use by public but motorcycle used by police force is minimum 200cc. But at other side in US Canada and Eurpion countries motorcycles used by police are 700cc, 800cc, or even more 1000cc.As we know Japan is pioneer in manufacturing industry so Yamaha, Honda, and Suzuki are larger manufacture in police motorcycle like public motorcycle.

 Every country have their own company choice for example Kawasaki and BMW motorbikes are used in USA..German preferred BMW and  Yamaha,Triumph and BMW are very much pa polar in UK.
BMW Police bike
Yamaha 1200 cc police bike 

Police motorcycle also used as police funerals, VIP movement and special events. In such case police motorcycle leading the squad know as pilot.

You can give other names  to police motorcycles like quick response motorcycles and patrolling motorcycles

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