Monday, 20 January 2014


Toyota Corolla is recorded as the largest selling sedan car in the world. It has sold over 40,0000 units from its begging in 1966.It has also broken the record of Volkswagen beetle.The name Corolla is derived from Crown which also a sedan model manufactured by Toyota.Toyota Sprinter was known as twin model of Corolla which was manufactured until 2000.
Corolla is manufactured in Japan,Brazil,Canada,China,Pakistan,India,South Africa,Taiwan,Thailand, Vietnam, Turkey, Australia,UK and USA. Due to its largest manufacturing chain in world it has also prove of largest selling brand in the world.

Its early models are rear wheel drive but latter on front wheel drive models introduced to meet the challenges of competitors in the market. Early competitor of Corolla was Nissan Sunny which introduced in the same year and latter on Honda Civic.


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