Monday, 23 December 2013


Foxy car is a unique model in the world.It is manufactured by Volkswagen company German based.The original name of foxy car is Volkswagen beetle,but many country this is known as foxy car.First foxy car model was made in 1938.It has model 2 door saloon and convertible.Due to typical design it has only 2 door with 4 seat.
Another unique quality of this vehicle is that it has rear wheel drive,rear engine and air cooled engine and luggage storage at front side. 
       Model  of 60's


In 1997 Volkswagen introduced new model of beetle to meet the requirements of international market. One major change of this model is opposite to original Volkswagen is front wheel drive and engine in the front wit
 h lugguge storge at rear side like other saloon cars.But in 2011new model of Volkswagen car replaced by original Volkswagen beetle.One major change not made is that It has doors in new model like from day first   model.

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