Monday, 23 December 2013


Nano is the cheapest car in the world.It manufactured by Tata Motors sold only in India. Its prize is only one lake Indian rupees approximately 2000 US $. Another name of this car One Lake car in India.Due to low prize it is reconized cheapest car in the world.
Tata is the leading and successful truck manufacturing company in India. In 2005 Tata launched Tata Ace truck.Similar as Nano it is also low prize.
The Idea of muanufactring of this car is very noble those people who can not afford other branded cars like Honda,Toyota,Suzuki etc due high prize this car is for those people. 
According to the statement of owner of Tata Motors " When i saw many people in motorbike with kids in rain and sunshine i want to some thing for that people"   

So this is also very noble cause as well as business.Every person in India who can afford motorcycle he can also afford Nano for family use.

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