Thursday, 19 December 2013


The other names of three wheeler vehicle are All-terrain, quad,and quad bike. Three wheeler vehicle is also belongs to that family.Mostly these are single operated but some model developed by different compines are two seater. It is easy to operate like a motorcycle.It is only street legal vehicle in some countries. It is a kind of motorcycle but extra wheels gives more stability.It dtrats from 49 cc which made for kids.Max imam 1000cc models are available in market according to demand and trend in different countries. It is also abbreviated by ATV.

Honda is first company who made ATV.,but Suzuki is leader in providing four wheeler ATVs in world wide market.
On the other hand three wheeler ATVs had lighter front due to single wheel.


These machine are specially designed for desert racing,mud racing,ice racing and hill climbing and others. It
is only because of its much road grip as compare to ordinary motorcycle.

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