Sunday, 22 December 2013


Station wagon is a kind of car which have extended space at rear side as compare to seadon or saloon .It is also called estate car.The purpose of extended space is to create extra space for caring baggage.It has 3 or 5 doors models,3rd or 5th door at rear side.The bode style transforms a box style of rear side through fold-down rear seats.Area build behind the driving seat can hold suit case and parcels etc.
Station wagon and wagon are common names in American and Canadian English, and estate car and estate are common in the English world.Main purpose to build this car model is a role of shuttle with extra space for baggage between train stations and country estates.
Many car manufacturing compnies like Toyota,Suzuki,Honda,Subaru,Chevrolet,Volkswagen and many more in the world are manufactured station wagon like other cars.The use of station wagon is high in American and Eurpion countries as compare to Asian countries.

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