Friday, 7 February 2014


The common name of three wheeler car  is Auto Rickshaw in many countries.It consist on three wheels.In early days of its invention it is known as human or people powered vehicle.The other names of three wheeler car is trikes,tri cars and cycle cars.
Most of three wheeler cars are in the form of  motorcycle based machine they have single front wheel and and rear two wheels with axle.This kind of three wheeler is know as trikes. These models are inspired by Volkswagen beetle.

Some models have two wheels at front and one wheel at rear,but these models are very rear in the world
The major use of three wheeler is auto rickshaw which use for public transport as taxi.Many developing countries like India,Pakistan,Sri lanka,Bangladesh and Nepal use auto rickshaw as public transport.In Eastern world it is use for novelty transport.

The wheel at front and one rear is ordinary car type,front two wheels drive as is conman ordinary four wheeled car with conventional car engine

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