Sunday, 10 August 2014


At the end of 20th century,as the prize of petroleum products increases.The car manufactures research to introduce alternative resource in vehicle.The term of hybrid normally use for two or more power source.
One source is still petrol  while other is electric and other mechanisms.
It is also called (HEVs) hybrid electric vehicle.
There are many source used for energy.
1) Coal
2) Natural gas
3) Electricity
4) Electric vehicle battery
5) Solar
6) Wind
If we read the history it is the modern  shape of alternative source when human powered e.g pedaling or rowing sources were used as alternative for saving fuel.

Solar Gasoline Hybrid Car
The hybrid cars have all types of car like sedan,station wagon and other types.It is also in sports shapes.

                                                  Honda‚Äôs two-seat 2012 CR-Z

It is also known as environmental friendly vehicle.The term of move green is used because of its less smoke.

All leading cars manufacturing companies like Toyota,Honda,Mazda and BMW are now busy to introduce hybrid cars.Most hybrid cars are with electric battery technology.

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