Tuesday, 12 August 2014


Limousine is a kind of luxury sedan or saloon car it consist on six door.The body style of limousine car has two partition.The partition between driver and rear passenger mostly with sliding window.It is longer car then any ordinary car.It has six doors.
The limousine car mostly use for VIP purpose.Many countries limousine is used in weeding functions.

The mid space is use for as a room maximum facilities were provided in this area like dining table and bed for sleeping purpose. It has four doors but rear space is very large as compare to ordinary sedan care
If you saw the interior of limousine it looks like a drawing room.Very beautiful sitting area for VIP's guests.


The interior of limousine is modified according to the requirement.Some times it has only sitting area It carry ten passengers.Some time it have bed for sleeping purpose and some times has drawing room type.

Due to VIP features it is only accessible by high class even its starts from 2,00,000 $ .So by prize it has no competitor so far.

Mercedes and BMW are two pioneer companies in this brand.


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