Thursday, 4 September 2014


If we saw in history moped is first hybrid vehicle,moped stands for (motor+pedal). It has alternative source of power with pedals like bicycle.It provides economical and safe transport but now moped designed by many companies without pedals.
Basically it is slow speed vehicle as compare to regular motorcycles.Its speed is maximum 45 km/h.Due to slow speed the legal driving age for moped is lower then for regular motorcycles which gives relief to school or college students.

Moped of 1978

In some countries it is classified as scooter motorcycle.Now term moped only called to low power engine vehicles because its engine is just 49 cc.In early models pedals were fitted in this models.
In the other hand we can classified bicycle with motor as moped.

Peugeot 103 Dual variated

2004 Honda EV Electric Moped Prototype


Classic Moped of 1950's

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