Friday, 10 October 2014


The term luxury stands for someone special. In the world of automobile industry its stands for cars with high prize.
All luxury cars are different with ordinary cars.Its has beautiful look,interior,better performance,comfort and technology.

 Volvo S80 includes in top ten selling luxury brands

The term applied to any type of vehicle including sedan,coupe,hatchback,station wagon as well as minivan.
In every era in automobile history every manufacturing company had a model that have been expensive to purchase.
There is a world of difference between the quality of fit,finish,performance of luxury cars and there of lower priced cars.

   Mercedes Luxury car in convertable type 

It belongs to status symbol  in the world because of its high prize.Some people have money to buy luxury cars.
Mercedes and BMW are top selling brands in luxury cars.

Mercedes-Benz E class it is regconiseds No 1 selling brand in the world.Allthough its prize is high as compare to other brands yet its stands in victory stands.Its prize starts form $48,050.

 BMW 5-series it has secind position after Mercedes-Benz.Its prize starts from $44,550

 Range Rover introduced in 2011.Its sold all 500 version within month

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