Tuesday, 25 February 2014


Passenger van is a class of car which carry more numbers of passengers either then any car.It carries about 15 to 20 passengers.It is classified in Light Traffic Vehicle(LTV).Most models are like family van type.It has four to five doors.

 It consist on four seating rows each row carry four to five numbers of passengers.mostly seats are folding to access the next row.Some models have open space between seats.

 Most models have sliding door for passenger area .

It best choice for pick and drop for small number staff. 

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Saturday, 22 February 2014


Double cabin pick up is a mixture of ordinary sedan or station wagon,because its front part is as similar to sedan or station wagon while rear part is like pickup truck for cargo purpose.The major differnece between double cabin pickup truck and ordinary pick truck is that it has two seats row which carry four to five passengers.

It is in two types some models like sedan having bonnet at front side while some models are like van type however sedan models are most recommended as large selling brand in above mentioned two types.

It has also some four wheel drive models like jeep for use in mountain areas.

The original shape of rear side is open but it can cover with canvas or steel body according to the purpose.Rear part can use for many purpose as discussed in earlier post http://carzandmotorbikez.blogspot.com/2013/12/pickup-truck.html


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Thursday, 13 February 2014


Two seater cars mostly used for racing purpose.It may be in coupe and convertible style.It carry only two passenger include driver.Some people think it is best first car,its mean it is best to learn driving due its little volume as compare to ordinary sedan car.



In many south asian countries like Pakistan,India,Bangladesh and Sri Lanka it is use as replacement of motorcycle due to low fuel cost.because it is best for single person who can not want to drive motorcycle.  

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Saturday, 8 February 2014


Coupe cars are two doors cars it may be in sedan,station wagon or hatchback style by body but have only two doors. The only difference between ordinary sedan and coupe car is doors.


Every car manufacturing company in the world 

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Friday, 7 February 2014


The common name of three wheeler car  is Auto Rickshaw in many countries.It consist on three wheels.In early days of its invention it is known as human or people powered vehicle.The other names of three wheeler car is trikes,tri cars and cycle cars.
Most of three wheeler cars are in the form of  motorcycle based machine they have single front wheel and and rear two wheels with axle.This kind of three wheeler is know as trikes. These models are inspired by Volkswagen beetle.

Some models have two wheels at front and one wheel at rear,but these models are very rear in the world
The major use of three wheeler is auto rickshaw which use for public transport as taxi.Many developing countries like India,Pakistan,Sri lanka,Bangladesh and Nepal use auto rickshaw as public transport.In Eastern world it is use for novelty transport.

The wheel at front and one rear is ordinary car type,front two wheels drive as is conman ordinary four wheeled car with conventional car engine

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Sunday, 2 February 2014


 Family van is a kind of vehicle which carry most numbers of passengers as compare of ordinary car like sedan.Normally it carries eight passengers.It has two rows of seats after driving seat row.Last row of seats is folding to convert rear part for cargo purpose.It has five doors fifth door mostly slide up like hatch back.

Some models of family vans are consider as luxury models due it high prizes and other specifications.

Due to carry extra cargo volume and seating capacity it is also use for commercials  purpose.media live coverage is most popular use of family van,it is also use for mobile mini hospital. Ambulance is another major use of family van.

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