Wednesday, 20 August 2014


In this type of car doors hinged at its rear rather then front.If we read history it was originally used in horse-drawn carriages.The use of this typed door in modern cars are very very rare.
It was common used in the first half of the 20th century.In four door sedan only rear doors are this type not front door.

After world war 2 the use of suicide doors was limited in four door car.It mostly used in convertible cars.

 One very amazing advantage of this type car is when all both doors one side open it creates more space for entering or exit purpose.

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Sunday, 17 August 2014


In this type of car or van normally door opens by sliding (horizontal)The major use of this type of door in mini buses.Sliding door attached with the body of the van.It is also use in loading vans for loading and unloading purpose with out abstracting area.It is also 3rd and 4th door of the van not a driving sear door.

Mini MPV such as Toyota Porte,Toyota Hiace,Townace,and peogeot 1007 are the comman examples of the sliding door vehicles.It also an advantage in parking are in tight spaces.

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Wednesday, 13 August 2014


The people of south Asian countries like Pakistan,India,Sri Lanka,Nepal and China etc are very much familiar with the motor cycle loader.In such style rear part with steel body attached with the motorcycle.It is may be enclosed cabin or like a open cart.
It is used for loading purpose and used as delivery van.The use of this vehicle has one biggest advantage that is fuel saving.It has a complete motorcycle mechanical system only modification made in rear body part.

Normally 100 cc motorcycle is used for this purpose but some time motorcycle with heavy engine is also used for this purpose.
The main requirement of this vehicle is replacement against pickup truck and delivery van because every one can not afford high prize petrol.
In some models scooters are used as replacement of motorcycle.

110 cc scooter cargo trike

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Tuesday, 12 August 2014


Limousine is a kind of luxury sedan or saloon car it consist on six door.The body style of limousine car has two partition.The partition between driver and rear passenger mostly with sliding window.It is longer car then any ordinary car.It has six doors.
The limousine car mostly use for VIP purpose.Many countries limousine is used in weeding functions.

The mid space is use for as a room maximum facilities were provided in this area like dining table and bed for sleeping purpose. It has four doors but rear space is very large as compare to ordinary sedan care
If you saw the interior of limousine it looks like a drawing room.Very beautiful sitting area for VIP's guests.


The interior of limousine is modified according to the requirement.Some times it has only sitting area It carry ten passengers.Some time it have bed for sleeping purpose and some times has drawing room type.

Due to VIP features it is only accessible by high class even its starts from 2,00,000 $ .So by prize it has no competitor so far.

Mercedes and BMW are two pioneer companies in this brand.


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Monday, 11 August 2014


In this type of car the doors of the car is different then ordinary car design.Butterfly design doors are moves up.In this type of door some area of roof is also utilize to create more space for entering or exit purpose.
Mostly this type of cars are of sedan type.

The car classified as butterfly design have only two doors.Not a single model of this type contains four doors.Basically it is motorized shape of sports car.


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Sunday, 10 August 2014


At the end of 20th century,as the prize of petroleum products increases.The car manufactures research to introduce alternative resource in vehicle.The term of hybrid normally use for two or more power source.
One source is still petrol  while other is electric and other mechanisms.
It is also called (HEVs) hybrid electric vehicle.
There are many source used for energy.
1) Coal
2) Natural gas
3) Electricity
4) Electric vehicle battery
5) Solar
6) Wind
If we read the history it is the modern  shape of alternative source when human powered e.g pedaling or rowing sources were used as alternative for saving fuel.

Solar Gasoline Hybrid Car
The hybrid cars have all types of car like sedan,station wagon and other types.It is also in sports shapes.

                                                  Honda‚Äôs two-seat 2012 CR-Z

It is also known as environmental friendly vehicle.The term of move green is used because of its less smoke.

All leading cars manufacturing companies like Toyota,Honda,Mazda and BMW are now busy to introduce hybrid cars.Most hybrid cars are with electric battery technology.

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