Sunday, 29 December 2013


A golf cart is a small vehicle is designed to carry two golfers and their golf club in the golf ground to reduce walking efforts.
Golf carts are available in many formats generally its purpose to the carry small number of passenger for short distance at low speed.Generally its speed is 25 km/h.Generally it has capacity to carry two passenger or golfer but some models are carry four passenger or golfer. 


Originally golf cart is electrically powered but some time some modifications are made like convert into gasoline and other sources.Electrically powered cart are now used in many countries due lack of noise. 


As well as thinking of human increases we can not imagine golf cart only use in golf course.Here are some popular use of golf cart.
It is used in wedding and other functions for transposition of guests.
Many landlord are use golf cart in their fields to see property.
It is also used in yards to travel from one side to other.
It is also used in five stars hotel for visitors to pick him from main gate to reception,and last but not least playing golf.
In all above cases mostly six passenger cart is used.   

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Saturday, 28 December 2013


A pickup truck is a kind of vehicle with an open area at rear side for cargo use,opposite to deliver van which has a enclosed cabin.It is also known as pickup truck and pick-up.The use of pickup is valuable as compare to heavy trucks because of its small body size as well as engine of low horse power.It can move easily in streets.The rear cargo area is also known as bed.

In some countries it also used as passenger van by made a change at rear side.In such case same extra seats adjust at rear side.Often this seats are two benches which are adjust at front of each other.

The very important use of pickup truck is in miltitaty.It can carry small troops from one side to another specially rough area.It can also carry small weapons.Some times a small weapon like machine gun permanently fitted at rear side.

 It is also use by police,rangers and other law enforcement agencies in many countries round the world.






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Friday, 27 December 2013


Delivery van is kind of sedan car with a driver a one passenger seat at front side and a steel metal body part in place of widow at rear part.Delivery van specially design for deliver any items like bakery and other house hold items.It is also used by plumbers and other jobs because it can carry tools for desired job.

It is alo used by courier companies for deliver heavy parcels.Some time its lower part or cabin is air contidtion when its purpose for deliver food itms like meat,fruit,and ice cream.The use of delivery van is very much in USA,Canada and Europe as copmare to Asian countries.


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Wednesday, 25 December 2013


Scooter is a kind of motorcycle with solid frame and plate form for the operator's feet.As compare to motorcycle it has small wheel.Some features are diffrent from motorcycle like its has no chain like motorcycle and driving whell directly attached to rear axle.
It also has some storage box under the seat,and extra open space between handle and seat.Opposite to motorcycle its driving is little different its clutch and gear both operation in left hand and accelerator in right hand,while brake system at right foot like motorcycle.
Vespa is pioneer in the manufacturing in scooter after Yamaha,Honda.Now Chinese scooter also available in world wide.

 One very intersting diffrence betwwen notorcycle and sccoter is that it has spare wheel like cars. Now as technology is going advance day by day electric and solar scooter are also available in the market.



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Monday, 23 December 2013


Foxy car is a unique model in the world.It is manufactured by Volkswagen company German based.The original name of foxy car is Volkswagen beetle,but many country this is known as foxy car.First foxy car model was made in 1938.It has model 2 door saloon and convertible.Due to typical design it has only 2 door with 4 seat.
Another unique quality of this vehicle is that it has rear wheel drive,rear engine and air cooled engine and luggage storage at front side. 
       Model  of 60's


In 1997 Volkswagen introduced new model of beetle to meet the requirements of international market. One major change of this model is opposite to original Volkswagen is front wheel drive and engine in the front wit
 h lugguge storge at rear side like other saloon cars.But in 2011new model of Volkswagen car replaced by original Volkswagen beetle.One major change not made is that It has doors in new model like from day first   model.

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Nano is the cheapest car in the world.It manufactured by Tata Motors sold only in India. Its prize is only one lake Indian rupees approximately 2000 US $. Another name of this car One Lake car in India.Due to low prize it is reconized cheapest car in the world.
Tata is the leading and successful truck manufacturing company in India. In 2005 Tata launched Tata Ace truck.Similar as Nano it is also low prize.
The Idea of muanufactring of this car is very noble those people who can not afford other branded cars like Honda,Toyota,Suzuki etc due high prize this car is for those people. 
According to the statement of owner of Tata Motors " When i saw many people in motorbike with kids in rain and sunshine i want to some thing for that people"   

So this is also very noble cause as well as business.Every person in India who can afford motorcycle he can also afford Nano for family use.

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Sunday, 22 December 2013


Station wagon is a kind of car which have extended space at rear side as compare to seadon or saloon .It is also called estate car.The purpose of extended space is to create extra space for caring baggage.It has 3 or 5 doors models,3rd or 5th door at rear side.The bode style transforms a box style of rear side through fold-down rear seats.Area build behind the driving seat can hold suit case and parcels etc.
Station wagon and wagon are common names in American and Canadian English, and estate car and estate are common in the English world.Main purpose to build this car model is a role of shuttle with extra space for baggage between train stations and country estates.
Many car manufacturing compnies like Toyota,Suzuki,Honda,Subaru,Chevrolet,Volkswagen and many more in the world are manufactured station wagon like other cars.The use of station wagon is high in American and Eurpion countries as compare to Asian countries.

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Thursday, 19 December 2013


The other names of three wheeler vehicle are All-terrain, quad,and quad bike. Three wheeler vehicle is also belongs to that family.Mostly these are single operated but some model developed by different compines are two seater. It is easy to operate like a motorcycle.It is only street legal vehicle in some countries. It is a kind of motorcycle but extra wheels gives more stability.It dtrats from 49 cc which made for kids.Max imam 1000cc models are available in market according to demand and trend in different countries. It is also abbreviated by ATV.

Honda is first company who made ATV.,but Suzuki is leader in providing four wheeler ATVs in world wide market.
On the other hand three wheeler ATVs had lighter front due to single wheel.


These machine are specially designed for desert racing,mud racing,ice racing and hill climbing and others. It
is only because of its much road grip as compare to ordinary motorcycle.

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Wednesday, 18 December 2013


A convertible car is type of car that can convert open style to enclosed style.Roof of that style ia designed in such a way which can adjust as desired shape. The roof can operated  automatically and manual way. The material of convertible part is made of vinyl,canvas,and textile material.Mostly models of convertible cars are two doors.

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Monday, 16 December 2013


A police motorcycle is motorcycle used by police force. It is easy to apporch in streets and crowded area as compare to larger vehicles.Police motorcycle is more power full then ordinary motorcycle.For example in south Asian and African countries mostly 70cc,100cc,125cc,and 150cc motorcycle use by public but motorcycle used by police force is minimum 200cc. But at other side in US Canada and Eurpion countries motorcycles used by police are 700cc, 800cc, or even more 1000cc.As we know Japan is pioneer in manufacturing industry so Yamaha, Honda, and Suzuki are larger manufacture in police motorcycle like public motorcycle.

 Every country have their own company choice for example Kawasaki and BMW motorbikes are used in USA..German preferred BMW and  Yamaha,Triumph and BMW are very much pa polar in UK.
BMW Police bike
Yamaha 1200 cc police bike 

Police motorcycle also used as police funerals, VIP movement and special events. In such case police motorcycle leading the squad know as pilot.

You can give other names  to police motorcycles like quick response motorcycles and patrolling motorcycles

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Scooty is generally known as vehicle for women use. The use of Scotty is mostly in South Asian countries like India, China, Taiwan, Nepal, and Sri Lanka etc. Due to high ratio of population with working women and college girls India and China are major user of  Scooty. Bad transport system is also a factor for use of Scooty because every person wants to reach his job at right time. Low budget is also a factor every body cannot afford car and car petrol so Scooty is the cheap vehicle for working women and college girls. China and India are also main manufactures of Scotty in the world. Some problems in Pakistan are same as like in India and other South Asian countries but due Islamic country Scotty is not allowed for women and girls.

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