Monday, 20 January 2014


Toyota Corolla is recorded as the largest selling sedan car in the world. It has sold over 40,0000 units from its begging in 1966.It has also broken the record of Volkswagen beetle.The name Corolla is derived from Crown which also a sedan model manufactured by Toyota.Toyota Sprinter was known as twin model of Corolla which was manufactured until 2000.
Corolla is manufactured in Japan,Brazil,Canada,China,Pakistan,India,South Africa,Taiwan,Thailand, Vietnam, Turkey, Australia,UK and USA. Due to its largest manufacturing chain in world it has also prove of largest selling brand in the world.

Its early models are rear wheel drive but latter on front wheel drive models introduced to meet the challenges of competitors in the market. Early competitor of Corolla was Nissan Sunny which introduced in the same year and latter on Honda Civic.


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Saturday, 18 January 2014


A hatchback is classified a car body style which's rear door swing up word.Many body features are similar to station wagon. Its rear passenger seats are folding like station wagon to create more space for cargo.                              

It may be described as three door (two entry and hatch) or five door(four entry and hatch).                          



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Friday, 10 January 2014


Champ car is class of car used in American Championship.It has open wheel with only on person sitting capacity.It is only used in car racing.

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Wednesday, 8 January 2014


It is recognized as most selling brand car by body style.It is also known as saloon.It is passenger car normally for  4 to 5 passengers with 3 boxes.Normally rear part or box for cargo purpose expect  some models like Volkswagen,Renault etc which is called rear wheeled drive.Middle box is consist on two rows of seats for passengers.

It is mostly four doors models but some sports type models are two doors.
In America front part of engine covered is called hood and rear cargo part is called trunk and in British terminology for engine part is bonnet and boot for cargo part is used.

 Toyota Corolla is the largest selling brand of saloon or sedan in the world,it has sold 40,000,000 units from 1966 to july 2013

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Sunday, 5 January 2014


A side car is a device attached with a motorcycle or a scooter.It is usually one wheeled so its convert into three wheel vehicle.It is different from tri motorcycle because it has no power it self but it is attached with rear wheel of motorcycle.
 Mostly side cars are without steering or handle and brake on wheel.It is use for extra passenger.In the history it was recognized as conman use vehicle,because it is cheap as compare to car.

It has many styles like open and enclosed cabin, bike style.It can also used as deliver van.If we saw in history many eurpion counties used in military and for police force.

But as my memory works i have never seen side car on the road it iis vehicle of sixteens. I don't know is it legal or not in world.

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Saturday, 4 January 2014


A trail,mountain or pit motorcycle is kind of motorcycle with high suspension for rough area.It is also known as dirt bike.It is very light weight as compare to ordinary motorcycle.Many parts like fuel tank and mud guard   is made of plastic.It is specially design for jumping use.It is very use full in mountain racing.
Normally it is used in desert racing mountain racing and many kind of jumping competitions.It  can jump at high speed.It has small fuel tank due short racing.
The another name of this motorcycle is off road bike.Mostly it is used in racing purpose.


KAWASAKI KLX 110 cc pit bike

A sight of pit bike race
A rider of pit bike showing his expertise   

  Rider of pit bike fighting for No 1 position at Florida sports park

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